LGBS also works with local administrations to handle eco energy projects, purchasing groups and small power sector companies, and serving as energy traders or distributors. We have launched an advanced billing system aimed at small and medium-sized commercial operators dealing with various utilities.

Our system enables:

  • collecting data on consumers, contracts and utilities delivery points
  • reading information about consumption of utilities and recording meter readouts
  • accounting for utilities supply to end users
  • issuing invoices and accounting notes
  • flexible defining of commercial products supplied under agreements for delivery of utilities
  • diversified algorithms to calculate charges for utilities and services
  • independent defining of methods used in accounting for supplied utilities and provided services
  • handling special sales – one-time sale of goods and services
  • keeping a simplified register of power distributing devices for drawing up a G-10.5 report

The system is also equipped with functionality for uncomplicated entering of data related to consumption of utilities. Collected information may be easily analysed using the mechanisms of Excel pivot tables. Through this solution, the system may be used early to create a purchasing group or a power sector company (trader). At this stage, it is vital to estimate expected results following the application optimisation of concluded delivery agreements. Importantly, once the accounting system has been implemented, the data contained in invoices will update information gathered during audits. Such an approach will produce a coherent dataset which can be used for further quantitative and qualitative analyses. Having access to such information, one may easily compare anticipated and real effects, as well as investigate subsequent measures aimed to improve business efficiency.

This solution offers highly automated operations and, in consequence, handles all processes with very limited workforce. As a result, commercialoperators may reduce their licence costs and personaloverheads. The basic implementation-related concept assumes integration with the meter operator’s system, automatically transferring all data concerning utilities consumption. However, it is also possible to obtain such information through other sources, such as meter reader terminals or distributors’ systems, or manual entering of data.

LGBS extends its market offering, directed to the innovative power generation sector.