For years one of the most coveted enterprises has been the possibility of accessing corporate data and systems using mobile devices.

To meet this demand, LGBS has exerted considerable effort to develop a range of mobile programs supporting mobile inspections and remote management of human resources.

Our mobile applications support Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian and Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). Their most popular functions include:

  • vector and raster maps
  • electronic questionnaires
  • issuing orders to staff and receiving information of fulfilled tasks
  • collecting and sending notes (via text and voice)
  • creating photographic documentation
  • functions based on GPS location readings (e.g. tracking worker locations)
  • mobile video - Monitor your stores/offices from the palm of your hand without the need to travel anywhere. See any of your sites – browse by store, by map or simply set your favorite views. Stream live video or watch past events.
  • key performance indicators -  Sales, Customers, Hours Worked, Productivity, Labor Costs and Alerts – View the status of your entire enterprise business on one screen of your phone. Review trends and comparison data, monitor plans and targets with actual results and validate them with other conditions.
  • mobile alerts -  Let the system tell you what is wrong, and what requires your attention. Filter alerts by site, by employee or by date.
  • mobile reports – Observe enterprise-wide trends and your sales performance from multiple locations in real-time. Make quick, well-informed short-term decisions without the need to travel anywhere