LGBS also embraces applications used in documentation archiving and management. Our solution is based on FileHold software, and permits efficient management of an electronic document throughout its life. The software application range includes importing files to an electronic library as well as their flow, archiving and automatic deletion.

Documents can be categorised in many aspects and described in many ways. They can undergo full-text search through their contents and via metadata. Our integrated browser allows for a quick overview of more than 100 e-document formats. The user can also annotate files or, if need be, redact password-protected fragments containing confidential information.

By means of specialised software, paper documents can be scanned and held as electronic records. We strongly endorse a QuickScan Pro solution developed by EMC Captiva – an application which features advanced batch scanning functionalities, recognizing texts, with ability to read bar codes and converts files to PDF. QuickScan Pro can be implemented separately or integrated (and sub-licensed) with the FileHold system.

In case of particularly sophisticated scanning-related needs, the system may collaborate with other applications compatible with a specific import format and supported by FileHold e.g. Kofax Ascent Capture. If necessary, we can also develop a specialised document-exchange interface for operating virtually any import scenario from any external system.