Products co-designed by our engineers help banks and brokerages run an Insured Bank Deposit Program that provides clients with:

  • Attractive yields.
  • The security of an FDIC-insured money market deposit account on amounts far in excess of single bank limits.

Banks and brokerages benefit from Insured Bank Deposit Programs because:

  • They gain access to a stable, diversified source of deposits.
  • They can solicit new markets.

These products allows Insured Bank Deposit Programs to offer accounts with tiered rates based on the balance levels they establish. Participants can specify different tiers based on their account balance. On a daily basis, the system determines the rate each account receives based on the end-of-day balance.

The software does all of the record-keeping and can be installed with few changes in your technology and operations procedures.

The use of money market deposit accounts mean banks and brokerages can offer this product to all customers without worrying about banking restrictions. The process used is a proven, patented one that is compliant with all requirements of the FDIC, Federal Reserve Bank and New York Stock Exchange.