LGBS Software IT specialists come with great levels of experience and industry knowledge. This serves as a great asset for our clients, often saving them thousands of dollars. For example, an LGBS IT Specialist may work for just a few days on a project, saving clients from weeks of fruitless searches and avoidable mistakes that a lower-skilled IT worker would not have the experience to avoid. This consulting service is billed through hourly. Consulting can happen at a client’s premises (reimbursement of travel expenses may apply) or through a web conference.

Examples of offered topics include:

  • application design according to the best practices recommended by Microsoft
  • use of Microsoft frameworks e.g. Smart Client Software Factory
  • synchronization with Active Directory
  • integration with MS Office
  • presentation of vector and halftone maps on mobile devices
  • best practices in range of document management
  • document scanning automation
  • more

Consulting may take a few hours, or a few days, as needed. The end result is saved time and the elimination of IT mistakes.