LGBS Software can take care of all or just part of any IT project. There are times when a client asks us to work on with very precise specifications of the overall system to be implemented. Other clients request us to use our expertise to help define the scale of the project. Throughout the process, we research various technical possibilities or approaches, to ensure all of our clients’ options are covered.

LGBS Software’s services span the entire project life-cycle, including:

  • requirements analysis
  • specification preparation
  • solution architecture design
  • technology and tools selection
  • solution programming
  • QA testing
  • full documentation
  • users’ training
  • maintenance and support

Our success record is so strong, clients often ask us to stay on to tackle a subsequent project to ensure the highest standards of quality. 

With over 200 IT professionals on our team, trust LGBS Software to handle any project. In the past, clients have leveraged our expertise for a wide range of challenging technology projects, including:

  • Porting large systems written in old technologies into modern platforms such as .NET. We have already succeeded in realization of several projects of that type.
  • Creation of mobile terminals for existing IT. To accomplish this, we use our proprietary ERAMIS mobile application platform developed by LGBS.
  • Any project requiring Microsoft Technologies.
  • Projects based on J2EE architecture.
  • Implementing document management systems.
  • Cloud computing projects based on Microsoft Azure.