It is another consecutive year when LGBS Polska, one of the most energetically developing companies in Polish IT industry, was awarded high ranks in the prestigious Computerworld TOP 200 Report ― this year the highest one in the company’s history.

The sixth place in the ranking of companies with the highest revenue growth within 2009 – 2010 deserves the highest appreciation, as well as the following:



Companies running business in Poland in 2010

188 (previous year: 217)

Increase of revenues within 2009 - 2010

6 (previous year: 9)

The largest employment increase in 2010

11 (previous year: 23)

Revenue from export

21 (previous year: 42)

Companies providing outsourcing services in 2010


Custom software developers in 2010


The Computerworld TOP 200 report is one of the most important IT related publications in Poland. The annual ranking includes comprehensive analysis of financial position, business strategies and human resources of the largest IT companies, as well as ICT industry growth prospects. Reading the report makes it easy to track trends on the IT market in Poland and situation of its participants - distributors, developers, training and consulting companies.

Along with this year’s Computerworld TOP 200 Report an article titled "Specialization, team, collaboration as the key success factors on difficult IT market" was published and presented company’s profiles of LGBS Poland from Gliwice and Vulcan from Wroclaw and their cooperation.

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