We are glad to inform that LGBS sponsors the 4-th edition of the International Festival All Improvviso 2011, organized by ‘TK Fuga’ Cultural Association.


All Improvviso is a festival of early music, improvised or based on early folklore and world music. This year’s project aims at providing a history lesson on music, poetry, film and literature. It is a journey in time, into the space of early improvised music created on European islands located as far apart as cold northern British and Irish islands and warm southern islands of the Mediterranean, like Corsica, Sardinia and Greek islands.

The concerts will be held until the mid-October and they will feature such performers as: Quadro Nuevo, Arianna Savall with the band, Damien Guillon and Eric Bellocq with the ‘Dowland Lute Songs’ program and others.

All those having musical interests are welcome to have a look at the festival program.

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