The newest version of the very popular Microsoft SQL Server database engine with DENALI codename will be launched soon. During this session, two MVPs (among others the engineer of LGBS Polska - Damian Widera) in the SQL Server category will present numerous novelties and improvements, that will occur in the latest version of the SQL Server.


The SQL Server Juneau – the new programming tool will be briefly presented. Participants of the session will have an opportunity to check new possibilities related to high efficiency, scalability, they will learn about new possibilities of the FILETABLE type data storage, get familiar with few tens of smaller and larger changes in the TSQL language, as well as with new capabilities of the FULL Text-Search. This session will mainly present the issues related to the server engine, new features and changes in the TSQL language.

During the session there will be also something interesting for persons dealing with data warehouses – they will be able to find out, in one of the examples, how much efficient is the new part of the SQL Server DENALI engine, developed as a separate project with Apollo code name – so called columnstore indexes.

The sixth edition of the Microsoft Technology Summit, that will take place within 18-19.10.2011 in the Warsaw EXPO XXI Centre, means great names and extraordinary technical and technology knowledge. The MTS 2011 is the only such large-scale IT conference in Poland, where one can discuss and exchange experiences with database developers, security specialists, network administrators as well as representatives of powerful business entities and enthusiasts of new technologies.

During the two-day conference the latest achievements of Microsoft company will be presented. The participants, taking part in nearly 7 parallel technology paths, will have an opportunity to learn the latest trends in the hi-tech industry.

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