LGBS Software is a multi-national Information Technology consulting and software development company. Our mission is to provide world-class IT services - including advanced programming and software design work - at a fraction of the cost. We are able to deliver this value to our customers thanks to our unique corporate structure, seamlessly integrating on-site American and off-shore European teams in a coordinated approach to IT solutions.

LGBS Energia – Product company that focuses on developing applications for the energy industry, focuses on the development of ecological and economic projects.

LG NEXERA Business Solutions AG is a Vienna-based joint stock company, run by Johannes Leitner.This company has given rise to the name of LGBS i.e. Leitner Gumper Business Solutions. The company specialises in mobile solutions, enhancing LGBS’s domain with partnerships with Blackberry and A1.

LGBS Media – a company operating since 2004, operates on the market of new media and multimedia content, involved in activities with the entertainment and recreation..


JCommerce S.A., a joint stock company located in Katowice (originally Cracow) specialising in complex project developments, especially those related to Business Intelligence. JCommerce contributes to LBGS its partnerships with SAP and IBM.

Speednet Sp. with o.o. – Company is using the latest technology, offers outsourcing of IT professionals dedicated to create software and mobile applications.

Fild.NET Sp. with o.o. – The company is engaged in integration projects, is a leader in the field of MS BizTalk, SharePoint, SQL Server and Business Intelligence products in the cloud.

Omnis Sp. with o.o. – The company implements its own ERP systems, solutions for data warehousing and BI systems integrators and business solutions provider Oracle technology.

Multishoring.info is a SPV formed by Fild.NET to promote and sell services in foreign markets, particularly in the Nordic markets.

Group Spot in Gliwice – founded in 1999, is a team of designers, programmers and graphic designers specializing in developing web applications and mobile types.

Netland - a company specializing in the implementation of technology for the public administration, e-learning solutions and innovative projects for entrepreneurs.

Junisoftex Sp. with. o.o. – Product company implementing its own ERP system offers solutions supporting management in enterprises and public institutions.

Internetium – company specializes in the architecture of business solutions based on. NET technology, produces software, mainly for banks and insurers.