FileHold Systems entrusts LGBS with development of its flagship product - FILE HOLD. It is a multi-functional, easy to operate software created to develop and distribute document cycle management. The result is an efficient system that organizes all the folders packed with digital documents.


  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Web Services
  • Windows Forms
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SharePoint Server 2010 

The daily use of digital documents has helped alleviate the excessive exploitation of our rainforests, diminishing the stacks of paper lying about every corner of the office.  

However, as the amount of digital documentation began to multiply, two needs emerged: A need for disc storage space, and a need for an efficient system to keep all the digital files and filers in order. 

FileHold was created to solve these problems. The venture was born as a result of brainstorming by a group of Canadians who knew exactly what their program for efficient management and circulation of documents should look like. They also had a circle of interested clients.  The only thing they lacked were programmers to bring their idea to life. 

As Jacek Lipowski, Chief Technology Officer at FileHold Systems Inc. recollects, “It was obvious from the very beginning that there was no point in employing a whole team of programmers on a full-time basis.” Instead, they decided to outsource, and hired a group of external IT experts.


FileHold Systems is a small company seated in Burnaby, in the Canadian Province of British Columbia. It was established to develop and distribute their proprietary document cycle management software for offices, as well as medium and large companies.

The software was to be multi-functional and easy to install and operate. In order to meet these requirements the management board of FileHold Systems made use of IT programmers employed by an external company.


Jacek Lipowski, the man in charge of the project’s technical aspects, realized it would be more efficient to entrust programming jobs to an external company that specialized in projects like these. Since he had extensive contacts in Poland, he decided to look for possible partners for cooperation there. In 2005, he made contact with the still-very-young LGBS Poland. 

He had confidence in Gliwice IT specialists educated at Silesian University of Technology (the same university he got his Ph.D. from) and that gave a green light to our cooperation.

Jacek Lipowski: ‘It took us twelve or fourteen months to develop the first version of the system. We successfully sold it to several previously enlisted clients. Then we kept going and sold a dozen or so more licenses for this system during our first year. In the meantime we were busy developing further and further versions. At the moment we are selling our ninth version, finalizing the tenth and already thinking of the eleventh one.”

‘We set certain days on which regular teleconferences would take place with a Canadian team every week. We would start in the evening according to Polish time, which was the beginning of their workday. If we had issues to bring up, we kept discussing things until 2 a.m. When we had less to discuss, the meeting would finish within an hour or so. During those meetings both sides learned a lot from each other and contributed greatly to the project. I believe that the key to our success was our thoroughness and systematic communication.” – recalls Wojciech Kosiński, Deputy President of LGBS Poland and the first Manager of FileHold Project.

Working together, we helped FileHold develop new versions of the software every several months. Throughout, LGBS did more than simply act as a “pair of hands.” We also began to introduce our own ideas to improve FileHold functionality. 

In addition, we began to sell the system in Poland and provide support for clients who purchased the application. Thanks to the fact that each team works in a different time zone, both companies combine to provide true 24-hour customer service.

These days, approximately 150 clients are using FileHold, which means that it has been installed on more than 10,000 computers. 


Jacek Lipowski highlights three main benefits which FileHold Systems Inc. enjoys as a result of the outsourcing cooperation with LGBS Poland.  

Economics:  Hiring an engineer in Poland is much cheaper than employing their Canadian counterpart.  

Expertise:  Outsourcing allows successful collaboration with technology specialists who have the necessary size, scale and scope to complete the rigorous programming demands.

Resources: The outsourced service provider takes care of all the recruitment/human resources needs, as well as all technical infrastructure needed by the programming team.

According to Jacek Lipowski, the best proof that the cooperation between FileHold and LGBS is going smoothly is the fact that he did not need to go to Poland in person even once during the entire process. 

Outsourcing lets you save your money, time and energy. It lets you get rid of unnecessary stress. The LGBS team in Poland looks after everything: staffing, quality of service, and deadlines.

That freed up the Canadian FileHold team to grow their business and by focusing on finding new clients…including many prestigious American government agencies. It is certain that without LGBS handling all the back end programming, the FileHold team would not have had the time or resources to accomplish that.