EZSchool was created to dramatically improve the efficiency and performance of schools. By lowering costs, creating a safer and more secure learning environment, enhancing collaboration inside the classroom and enabling a more robust distance learning program through webcasts and virtual classroom lessons. Best of all, EZSchool can all be applied in real time, allowing school administrators to get a complete picture of school activity, both in and out of the classroom.

The EZSchool solution is an open, universal appliance designed to dramatically improve the efficiency of remote management of school operations. Results are almost immediately visible via increased safety and decreased operational losses. 

It works by collecting data from various sensors (e.g. temperature, motion, carbon monoxide, energy use etc.), motion and still cameras, archived documents, accounting systems, voice etc. and then processing this data using business-intelligence-specific rules. The system can then provide management with Key Performance Indicators.  This can all be achieved real-time, making management’s task ‘EZ’ even for inexperienced personnel.

EZSchool specifications

  • Takes its feed from video sources such a wireless webcams. You can also create alerts and alarms.
  • Inputs from card entry systems. It reads and records entry & exit.
  • Reads RFID tags and compares with a database of known codes.
  • Monitors tag movement and takes action based on user defined  algorithms based on time of day, user access rights, movement history etc.
  • Can also be used for rapid auditing of equipment such as computers.
  • Acquires data from sensors in classrooms and buildings.
  • Multimedia lesson acquisition and replay (extend to a virtual classroom).
  • Captures data stream from interactive whiteboards for later replay.
  • Useful for archiving or for replay for remote students and distance learning.
  • Integrates with other commonly used School and Classroom management systems to gather real time data such as attendance,  timetabling, room allocation, bus punctuality, etc
  • Provides analysis on overall school performance, attendance track record etc (this may also be available from the existing School Admin systems).
  • Integration to Learning management systems and school portals.
  • Provide feed for school portals, viewable by students, teachers and parents dependent on access rights.

Beyond surveillance and virtual classroom:

  • Just-on-Time Promotion.  Automatically launch attractive audio-video site promotions on your HD screens based on local schedules.
  • Or, alternatively, provide an alert on an important issue along with local advertisements or sponsored news.
  • On-Site Music and Ad-Casting.  Take control of your music environment depending on the time-of-day.
  • Communicate to employees/students.

EZSchool key benefits 

1. Asset management and control

  • Monitor your sites from one central location without the need to travel.
  • See and communicate with any of your sites, automatically detect issues that may affect teacher/student satisfaction such as  late openings, energy waste and incorrect displays.
  • Control the process workflow and help staff to deliver exceptioinal results.
  • Use RFID tags on all types of equipment and improve the traceability of items.
  • Provide simple auditing of equipment in schools.

2. School safety and security

  • Automatically detect suspicious behavior based on predefined rules, alerts and historical trends vs. employee/student specific performance indicators. 
  • Maintain a presence in all of your buildings without being there in person, watch past events and alerts, watch and talk with your personnel ‘live’, conduct meetings with managers, teachers and students.
  • Reduce the number of surveillance employees or redirect them to other duties.
  • Eliminate threats from external sources including intruders, unauthorized personnel and criminals.
  • Reduce internal threats including bullying, classroom violence, teacher violence, vandalism and theft.

3. Monitoring and reporting (dashboard)

  • Principals are being asked to make rapid decisions affecting finances, performance and control on their schools. With EZSchool, you can view the status of your entire school on one screen. 
  • Review trends and comparison data, monitor plans and targets with actual results and validate them with other conditions. 
  • Alert management to possible concerns in real time.

4. Virtual classroom

  • Distance learning is growing at an incredible pace. EZSchool lets you provide webcasts of lessons via your school web portal.
  • You can provide access to virtual classroom for students in remote areas.
  • Whiteboard technology enabled.