EZConnect™, provides video-enabled enterprise management systems to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. It represents a significant advance over what is currently available in the marketplace. It seamlessly unites surveillance video direct to the data streaming from the Point of Sale (POS), instantly becoming a store management system instead of a traditional surveillance system. 

EZConnect™ has the ability to analyze employee habits, and trace the majority of suspicious transactions captured by our video cameras, audio microphones, and recorded by our software. Using its unique algorithms, it can detect a variety of suspicious transactions, and highlight those with the highest probability of employee theft. There is no need for business owners to review hundreds of hours of video stored on traditional VCRs or DVRs because EZConnect™ does it automatically. It can help schedule the employees more efficiently, using historical data to predict sales volume on an hourly basis. It can be used to identify underperforming workers where additional training may be required to maximize the sales potential of the store in question. It can alert owners or managers to changes in sales, productivity, suspicious transactions, refrigerator temperatures, employee arrival and departure—almost anything that the owner feels is important to effectively increase operating margins.

EZConnect features 

Loss Prevention – Automatically detect employee and client theft, based on predefined loss prevention rules, alerts and historical enterprise-wide trends vs. employee specific performance indicators.
Surveillance – Maintain a presence in all of your stores without being there in person. Watch past events and alerts, watch and talk with your personnel ‘live’, conduct meetings with managers etc.
Compliance – Monitor your stores from one central location without the need to travel anywhere. See and talk with any of your sites, automatically detect non-compliance that may directly affect customer satisfaction such as late openings, long lines and incorrect product displays. Control the process workflow and help mediocre staff to deliver non-mediocre results.
Employee Training – Remotely train and monitor your employees and your up-sale opportunities.
Enterprise Sales – Observe your sales performance from multiple locations real-time. Make quick, well-informed short-term decisions.
Enterprise Business Intelligence – Observe enterprise-wide trends and make quick, well-informed, long-term decisions affecting your business.
Enterprise-Wide Alerts – Let the system tell you what is wrong and what requires your attention.
Enterprise-Wide Dashboard / Key Performance Indicators – View the status of your entire enterprise business on one screen. Review trends and comparison data, monitor plans and targets with actual results and validate them with other conditions. Alert management to possible concerns, real-time.
Just-on-Time Promotion – Automatically launch an attractive audio-video site promotion on your HD screens based on local or corporate schedules. Or, alternatively, launch a promotion on overstock items or add a local advertisement.